Central Bank Digital Currencies And The Aviation Industry

On Aviation™ Podcast
On Aviation™ Podcast
Central Bank Digital Currencies And The Aviation Industry

Will Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) be a net positive for the aviation industry? 

On one hand, you have skeptical economists that believe that CBDCs will allow central banks to intricately control the market and allow for even greater inflation which destroys the wealth of individuals. This is vitally important for individuals operating within the aviation industry since inflation and economic shocks will affect us in this industry more severely than many others. On the other hand, there is an argument that states with CBDCs will allow their central banks to be better able to curtail economic shocks. If true, this would benefit the aviation industry by reducing or eliminating economic shocks throughout the economy which in turn will be a net positive for the aviation industry since it is so sensitive to these shocks.

In this On Aviation™ Podcast, we discuss both sides of the argument and do a deep dive into what this means for individuals and businesses operating in the aviation industry. We also let the listener know which side of the fence we sit on this topic. 



Central Bank Digital Currencies: Net Positive For Aviation?: https://on-aviation.com/central-bank-digital-currencies-net-positive-for-aviation/

Central Bank Digital Currencies: The Argument for: https://on-aviation.com/central-bank-digital-currencies-the-argument-for/

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