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Things are getting out of control with the war in the Middle East, affecting aviation as far as Russia.

Why is this important: Flash mobs storming an airport and an aircraft suspected of carrying Jews from Israel to Russia is not a good sign. Devastating impact on Israeli civil aviation as a result of the war. Making matters worse, some aviation insurers started canceling insurance for airlines operating in the region.

Continue reading to learn more about how devastating the war between Israel and Hamas has been for the aviation industry in that region so far. One can only imagine what is still yet to come.

Hundreds storm Russian airport in antisemitic riot over plane from Israel

Hundreds of people stormed into the main airport in Russia’s Dagestan region and rushed onto the landing field, chanting antisemitic slogans and seeking passengers arriving on a flight from the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, Russian news agencies and social media reported.

Russian news reports said the crowd on Sunday surrounded the airliner, which belongs to Russian carrier Red Wings.

Authorities closed the airport in Makhachkala, the capital of the predominantly Muslim region, and police converged on the facility. Dagestan’s Ministry of Health said more than 20 people were injured, with two in critical condition. It said the injured included police officers and civilians.

By The Associated Press

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Israel issues highest level travel warning to area of Russia’s Dagestan

Israel on Monday issued a ‘highest level travel warning’ for Russia’s Dagestan region after hundreds of anti-Israel protesters stormed an airport there on Sunday, where a plane from Israel had just arrived.

Twenty people were injured before security forces – who were forced to close the airport – contained the protest.

By Reuters

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The Impact of the Middle East Conflict on Israeli Aviation

On October 7, 2023, the extremist group Hamas initiated a significant military offensive by launching attacks on the territories occupied by Israel. As a result of this heightened conflict, immediate changes in air traffic patterns were observed in the region. This article delves into the impact of the military escalation in the Middle East on civil aviation operations to/from Israel.

The primary airline serving Israel is El Al (LY), which translates to “upwards” in Hebrew. The airline was established by Eli Rozenberg in 1948 and he currently holds nearly 43% of the company’s shares.

The airline’s fleet consists of 44 aircraft, including models such as the Boeing 737-800, 737-900ER, 777-200ER, 787-8, and 787-9. Prior to this month’s events, LY operated flights to 48 destinations from its main hub at Ben Gurion International Airport (TLV) in Israel.

By Simone Chelili| AirWays

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Exclusive: Aviation war insurers cancel some cover for Israel, Lebanon

Aviation war insurers have given notice to cancel cover for some airlines domiciled in Israel and Lebanon because of the conflict in the region, with some cancellations already taking effect, three industry sources with direct knowledge of the matter said.

Aviation war insurers based in Europe, the United States and the Lloyd’s of London market can issue a 7-day notice of cancellation or other changes to terms and conditions in the event of a major conflict they feel will make the long-term insurance risk too great.

Insurers for Israeli flag carrier El Al Airlines (ELAL.TA), Israir (ISRG.TA) and Arkia have previously said they can issue such notices due to the war between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas. Israeli airlines have now received the notices, two sources told Reuters, without naming the airlines.

“War underwriters’ appetite for continuing to cover these risks for no additional reward differs and some are now looking to withdraw cover, especially given the news the Israeli government has provided a backstop to cover flights,” said Bruce Carman, chief underwriting officer at Hive Underwriters.

By Carolyn Cohn, Noor Zainab Hussain and Steven Scheer | Reuters

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