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In our latest On Aviation™ Podcast ‘Aviation Fireside Chat‘ we discuss quite a few topics that we felt were important to share with our listeners. We talked about a wide variety of topics within aviation. Topics such as runway incursions, the FAA investment of $100M to try and curb runway incursions, fractional aircraft ownership, hypersonic airliners, and much more.

In this week’s On Aviation™ Digest we share some related articles to the topics discussed in our latest On Aviation™ Podcast, giving our reader further insights into some of the items we discussed. For a detailed discussion of these topics, please check out the latest On Aviation™ Podcast.

US seeks answers after six near misses at airports

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WASHINGTON D.C.: Jennifer Homendy, head of the US National Transportation Safety Board, has said the US will investigate recent near miss incidents at airports.

“The US needs to invest more in aviation safety technology solutions after a series of close-call runway incidents this year,” said Homendy.

Six runway close-calls between aircraft have occurred since January and are currently being investigated by the Transportation Safety Board.

Some 43 US airports use technology systems that detect aircraft and ground vehicles to prevent runway incursions, but they need to be upgraded, while other commercial airports require the adoption of additional technologies, Homendy added.

She made her statement during a five-hour meeting with industry, union, government and academic representatives, which discussed addressing runway close-calls.

By Robert Besser | Malaysia Sun

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FAA giving airports more than $100M to help prevent runway incursions

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More than $100 million will go to airports across the country to reduce potential runway incursions, the Federal Aviation Administration told ABC News exclusively.

The funding, announced Monday, will be allocated to 12 airports in the wake of a series of close calls involving passenger planes earlier this year.

Runway incursions occur when an aircraft, vehicle or person is incorrectly on the protected areas at an airport designated for takeoff.

This round of grant money from the agency — as part of its annual distributions — will fund projects that will reconfigure taxiways that cause confusion, install better airfield lighting and construct new taxiways to provide more flexibility on the airfield, the FAA said.

By Amanda Maile| ABC News

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Hypersonic hydrogen-powered jet will fly from America to Australia in four hours

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A European startup has been developing a hypersonic hydrogen-powered passenger jet that can reduce the flight time from America to Australia to under four hours.

Swiss startup Destinus has been testing its prototype aircraft for the past couple of years, announcing successful test flights of its second prototype – Eiger – at the end of 2022 in Munich.

Founded by Russian-born physicist and serial entrepreneur Mikhail Kokorich, Destinus hydrogen-powered aircraft is capable of traveling at Mach 5 and above – five times the speed of sound. The Concorde operated at Mach 1 speed.

By COVER News India

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Jet It Tells Owners To Find New Home for Aircraft

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Jet It, a fractional aircraft and charter operator, is done.

At least that is the impression Jet It founder and CEO Glenn Gonzales gave fractional aircraft owners on a series of virtual calls on Wednesday, five days after he ordered a ground stop on the fleet of HondaJets the company manages.

Gonzales told HondaJet owners in the Jet It program their aircraft “will not be flying under Jet It” any longer.

(Disclosure: I am a Jet It fractional owner and attended the fractional owner calls.)

Gonzales suggested fractional owners should consider an array of options that include transferring the aircraft to another operator, selling the aircraft, or contracting directly with former Jet It pilots on furlough.

By Craig Fuller | Flying Magazine

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Thank you for reading this week’s On Aviation™ digest. What do you think about the topics shared in this week’s digest? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Remember to check out our On Aviation™ Podcast and continue the conversation on our Twitterand Instagram.

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