Aviation Mishaps: Two Major Incidents Days Apart.

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On the weekend of January 13th through January 15th, there were two major aviation incidents, one in the United States and the other in Nepal. We know that our readers are well-informed and may have already been aware of these two incidents. One where at least 68 people lost their lives, and another where a near miss could have caused total fatality well above those previously mentioned.

The incident in the United States occurred on Friday, January 13, 2023, when an American Airlines Boeing 777 Flight 106 crossed an active runway at John F. Kennedy International Airport while a delta airlines 737 Flight 1943 was on a takeoff roll on that runway. Delta Airlines Flight 1943 was able to successfully stop the takeoff roll at a safe distance from American Airlines Flight 106, avoiding tragedy.

The other incident occurred in Pokhara Nepal where a domestic flight of Yeti Airlines crashed close to the new airport in Pokhara. Unfortunately, the outcome of this incident was not favorable, as it’s reported that at least 68 people lost their lives.

In this week’s On Aviation™ Digest, we share some stories and articles on what happened in these two incidents, giving the reader greater insights into those two events, of which one was very tragic.

Delta passenger recalls panic after ‘split-second’ near-miss at JFK Airport

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Panic-stricken passengers on a flight involved in a near-miss collision at JFK Airport over the weekend have described how they screamed and gasped as they came “split seconds” away from crashing into another aircraft. Delta Air Lines passenger Brian Healy told NBC News that some travelers were overcome by “panic” as their plane nearly collided with an American Airlines aircraft crossing the runway on Friday.

By Snejana Farberov | NY Post – Wed January 16, 2023

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The FAA is investigating a near-miss between two passenger planes at JFK airport

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The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a near-miss between two commercial airplanes at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Friday. According to preliminary information from the FAA, a Delta Air Lines flight had to stop “its takeoff roll approximately 1,000 feet” from where an American Airlines flight had crossed the same runway in front of the Delta plane.

By Joe Hernandez | NPR – Wed January 15, 2023

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At least 68 killed in Nepal’s worst air crash in three decades

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KATHMANDU, Jan 15 (Reuters) – At least 68 people were killed on Sunday when a domestic flight of Yeti Airlines crashed in Pokhara in Nepal, the worst air crash in three decades in the small Himalayan nation. Hundreds of rescue workers scoured the hillside where the flight carrying 72 people from the capital Kathmandu went down. Officials late in the evening called off the search operations for the day, saying they will resume on Monday..

By Gopal Sharma | Reuters – Wed January 15, 2023

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Is the Yeti Airlines plane crash just a coincidence?

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KATHMANDU, Jan 17: With the crash of ‘ATR-72’ plane in Pokhara on Sunday, the number of air accidents of Yeti Airlines in the Nepali sky has reached 14. Just seven months ago, Yeti Group’s Tara Air ‘9N AET TwinOtter’ plane crashed. Yeti Airlines was established 24 years ago in May 1998.  The airline is operating 35 aircraft in the Nepali sky, 14 of which have been involved in accidents. As many as 166 people have lost their lives and two are missing along with 70 deaths in Sunday’s accident.

By Arun Bam | My Republica – Wed January 17, 2023

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Thank you for reading this week’s On Aviation™ digest. What do you think of these two incidents? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and remember to continue the conversation on our Twitter and Instagram.

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