Aviation Accidents And Their Effects On The Industry

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Accidents in the airlines and general aviation affect the aviation industry a lot more than might initially meet the eye. With effects such as increasing regulations that make it more difficult for stakeholders to operate, increased costs of operations due to regulation and liability requirements, and increased cost of insurance and training for flight crews and ground personnel. Nonetheless, these events have ultimately led to a safer aviation industry – particularly airline travel. So much so that based on accident statistics traveling by a commercial airliner is considered the safest mode of transportation.

In today’s digest, I would love to share with you a few good reads on aviation accidents. I also hope to shed some light on the importance of flight safety, how air travel has gotten so safe in recent years, and events that highlight that there is still room for improvements.

13 Plane Crashes That Changed Aviation

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Flying in a jetliner is extraordinarily safe. But air travel only became so reliable because previous accidents caused crucial safety improvements.

By David Noland and Barbaara Perterson | Popular Machine

See the Accidents

Trouble in San Diego, California

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The AOPA Air Safety Institute released a video providing an initial analysis of the accident that took place in early October 2021

By AOPA Air Safety Institute

Watch This Video

NTSB: Aircraft Accident Fatalities Decreased in 2020

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Fatalities from general aviation aircraft accidents decreased overall last year amid broad pandemic-induced reductions in flight activity, according to the NTSB’s release last month of preliminary 2020 U.S. civil aviation accident rates.

By AIN Online

Read the Report


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Why spend time reading about all the things that can go wrong? Because when we learn from the mistakes of others, things are much more likely to go right.

By AOPA Air Safety Institute

Read the Analysis

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