The FAA Has Been Busy

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The FAA has been busy over the past couple of weeks. There are quite a few challenges facing the aviation industry from regulatory and safety standpoints, and the FAA tends to step in a little bit more during these times.

For example, recently there seems to be an increase in near misses, mishaps, and runway incursions. However, one of the major challenges we believe the FAA will need to deal with in partnership with the airlines is anticipating the summer travel rush and planning for it in order to reduce delays and cancellations. No doubt, myriad factors go into ensuring smooth summer travel operations across airlines. We believe that a partnering approach by the FAA with the airlines to resolve these issues might be the best approach. Implementing new rules and regulations in a top-down manner might exacerbate the problems.

In this digest, we want to take a look at some recent updates related to the FAA, giving the reader some insights into what the FAA has been doing in recent weeks.

FAA warns staffing shortage could snarl summer travel

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A shortage of air traffic controllers at a New York facility could hinder summer travel, the Federal Aviation Administration warned late last month, as the agency works to mitigate potential disruptions. The FAA held a meeting with airlines, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association and other industry representatives to talk about how to minimize the impact to flyers, including staffing issues. “The FAA discussed efforts to reduce the air traffic controller training backlog at many FAA air traffic facilities, but pointed out that staffing levels at the New York Terminal Radar Approach Control (N90) continue to be below targets,” the agency said in a news release.

By Nathan Diller | USA Today

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FAA intervenes in political dispute over Nashville Airport leadership

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A Federal Aviation Administration official has intervened in a plan from Tennessee Republicans to take charge of Metro Nashville Airport Authority board appointments, according to a letter provided to The Tennessean. The proposed bill, SB1326/HB1176, has received majority support from the Senate and is scheduled to be heard in the House on Tuesday. But FAA Office of Airport Compliance and Management Analysis Director Kevin C. Willis said the agency “has questions regarding the potential impact of the transfer of the appointment authority of all board members from the mayor of the local community to state-appointed officials.”

By Sandy Mazza | Yahoo News 

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FAA asks major airlines to slash flights at busy airports due to staffing shortage

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The Federal Aviation Administration is asking airlines to cut back on service for the summer season at some of the nation’s busiest airports due to a severe lack of air traffic controllers. NBC News’ George Solis shares how this could impact summer travel.

By NBC News

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FAA expects summer travel delays in Northeast due to increased traffic, staffing shortages

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NEW YORK – The Federal Aviation Administration is sounding the alarm over what could be a difficult travel period in the Northeast, with passenger traffic expected to increase over the summer while the agency is still reeling from pandemic-related staffing issues. A recently released notice warned airlines that staffing shortages at its New York Terminal Radar Approach Control facility could have a regional impact and affect flights into and out of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Newark Liberty International.

By Andrew Wulfeck | Yahoo News

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