Airbus, What About You?

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Last week in our digest we shared some thoughts on the challenges that Boeing has faced and continues to face since the Boeing 737 Max disasters almost five years ago. We said that Boeing faces financial and operational setbacks as a result of the accidents. In that digest, we shared some articles and stories on the financial and operation setbacks Boeing has faced, particularly as it relates to the production and delivery of its modified 737 Max aircraft.

Now, some believe that many of the challenges Boeing faces today as a result of them cutting corners with the production of the 737 Max, could be due to competitive pressures brought on by the success of Airbus and its competing aircraft in that category, the A320Neo.

It is no secret that while Boeing has been facing significant challenges financially and operationally, Airbus has been making strides in the industry. From brokering new deals with airlines, military, and states, to innovating and leading in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) development and testing.

In this week’s Digest, we would like to share some articles and stories on A few of the updates on Airbus and how they’re doing these days.

Airbus shakes up leadership of A320-family jet programme

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PARIS, April 26 (Reuters) – Airbus (AIR.PA) has changed the leadership of its A320-family jetliner programme, the profit backbone of the world’s largest planemaker, as it faces a steep production ramp-up in the face of industrial pressures, industry sources said on Wednesday. Current programme leader Michael Menking has been appointed head of special projects for the planemaker’s core commercial business. He will be replaced by Christoph Zammert, who heads support and services for Airbus Helicopters – an activity that makes up roughly half of the rotor division’s revenues.

By Tim Hepher | Reuters

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Jet2 Signs Airbus A330-200 Wet Lease Deal To Meet Summer Demand

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Jet2, the leisure airline that flies from the United Kingdom to various vacation destinations, has signed a three-year wet lease and damp lease agreement with AirTanker for two Airbus A330-200s. The leased Jet2 A330s will fly from Manchester International Airport to various Spanish destinations, as occurred last summer. Jet2 currently has, according to’s database, 89 active aircraft on hand, counting the first leased A330 plus 6 A321-200s, 7 737-300s, 8 757-200s, and 71 737-800s. There are also 12 Boeing 737-800s in maintenance, plus one stored and 1 A321-200NX (aka A321neo) in maintenance.

By Joe Kunzler | Simple Flying

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Airbus expands aircraft storage and recycling activity with new Chinese facility

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Airbus has established a Chinese joint venture to expand the aircraft storage and recycling capabilities of its specialist affiliate Tarmac Aerosave. The new Chinese facility – to be located in Chengdu – will have storage capacity for 125 aircraft, and its creation follows a provisional agreement reached in January last year. To be known as Airbus Lifecycle Services, the venture will also conduct maintenance, conversion and dismantling operations in a single centre. “This new centre in Chengdu fits perfectly into Airbus’ approach to environmental responsibility across the entire aircraft lifecycle,” says the airframer’s senior vice-president of customer services, Cristina Aguilar.

By David Kaminski-Morrow | FlightGlobal

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Wizz Air Says Long-Range Airbus Jets Will Put India Within Reach

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Wizz Air Holdings Plc said expansion into India will become possible with its new long-range Airbus SE A321 models, potentially opening up a lucrative vein of future growth as demand for air travel surges in the world’s most populous nation. “There’s great potential in India, as the country has seen an immense development,” Wizz Chief Executive Officer Jozsef Varadi said in an interview in Budapest today. “I think it may help Europe tackle its employment issues, while its emerging middle class will boost tourism. We’re looking into opportunities there, but this is more a medium-term issue.” Wizz Air has 47 of the long-range Airbus A321 XLR on order, with deliveries set to start sometime in 2024. The aircraft will allow the budget carrier to expand its operating parameter further east to markets including the Middle East, where Varadi said there’s also greater demand.

By Veronika Gulyas | Bloomberg 

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Thank you for reading this week’s On Aviation™ digest. Do you believe that Airbus will be dominating the commercial airliner business for many years to come? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and remember to continue the conversation on our Twitterand Instagram.

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