Aviation; Even More Clear Skies Ahead?

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In our most recent digest “Aviation; Where Are We Now?”, we stated that there are some important developments in the aviation industry that may lead one to think that there’s nothing but clear skies ahead. When one surveys the media sphere, they can see lots of stories of growth and development in the aviation space. This is normal, as investors and entrepreneurs, and other interest groups in the space will always try to prevail despite what’s happening around them. However, we must understand that those who are not prepared for what is to come may face significant challenges moving forward.

However, we must take the wins where we find them, and so far, some good things are happening in the aviation space. Again, how long this will last depends on when things turn south in the overall economy and how well the individuals and businesses within the industry are prepared for what is to come.

 In this week’s On Aviation™ Digest, we share some stories and articles On some bright spots in the industry. Showcasing that even when things are not doing so well they are those among us who – correctly so – strive to prevail in prosper.

Dollars keep rolling into Whiting Aviation Park, which could help Santa Rosa economy take off

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Santa Rosa County Economic Development Director Shannon Ogletree attended the Paris Air Show recently carrying a bargaining chip he had not previously held in marketing Whiting Aviation Park as an attractive location for aviation-related businesses to call home.

A $1.5 million state appropriation to help cover construction costs of a taxiway and apron that will link the Aviation Park to Naval Air Station Whiting Field is “the catalyst” the county needs to bring the approximately $9 million project to fruition, Ogletree said.

The state infusion of money gives the county matching fund leverage in seeking grants, Ogletree said.

“That’s only about 15% of what we’ll need. But if it weren’t for that $1.5 million we’d be dead in the water for other grants,” he said. “It’s a jumping off point that makes a huge difference as we move forward and use it for potential (funding) matches.”

By Tom McLaughlin  | Pensacola News Journal 

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What Has Paris Air Show Told Us About The Future Of Aviation?

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Sustainability has been one of the key themes of this year’s Paris Air Show. From modern airplane designs and the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to future hybrid-electric and all-electric air vehicles, the 54th edition of the event certainly defined the way into the future. While the aviation industry is still recovering from the pandemic downturn, future demand for air travel looks bright. Sustainable and efficient solutions must be identified and implemented to minimize carbon emissions related to aviation.

During one of the largest aviation forums, manufacturers, suppliers, and stakeholders came together to promote sustainability in aviation. This was evident from the number of new hybrids and all-electric aircraft that were either ordered or intended by customers. This is in addition to the order of over a thousand fuel-efficient commercial aircraft, primarily from Airbus and Boeing.

By DR. Omar Memon | Simple Flying

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‘A really cool experience’: Aviation camp gives sky-high opportunity to kids

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VANCOUVER, Wash. — It was a day of special flights at Pearson Field Airport in Vancouver this weekend. But it was also a learning experience for kids who may not otherwise get the chance to fly.

Getting into a small aircraft, many kids for the first time, starting with the basics like getting properly buckled in.

But there is much more to the Red Tailed Hawks Flying Club’s aviation camp for kids.

“The Red Tailed Hawks is here to introduce youth to the world of aviation. We get them excited about the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) that they’re learning in school, we give them practical applications of that, we also ground them in aviation history and at the end of the cycle we help them learn to fly, if that’s what they want to do,” said Jesse Hayes, president of the Washington chapter of Red Tailed Hawks Flying Club.

By Tim Gordon | KGW8 News

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Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator says ‘we’re not a game […] what we’re doing is accurate aviation activities’

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FlightSimExpo came in for landing in Texas last week, during which developer Asobo gave a presentation on Microsoft Flight Simulator 24. The game was a surprise announcement during the Xbox Games Showcase, and even caused a little disquiet among its audience who were unclear about whether this was a whole new game or basically a fancy expansion with a new name.

Jorg Neumann is the head of Microsoft Flight Simulator and, after saying the Xbox announcement video had been “paper thin”, came out all guns blazing (thanks, RPS). “Just to give you perspective, there’s many tens of millions of people watching [the Xbox showcase],” said Neumann. “It is good for our hobby to show up in these places”.

Neumann then went on to address some of that initial reaction from the core Flight Simulator audience. “Some of you correctly asked ‘What the heck is this, is this just an acceleration pack or some such thing? Nope nope nope. This is the biggest undertaking ever in flight simulation. No doubt about it.”

By Rich Stanton | PC Gamer

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Note: The views and opinions expressed in the content shared in this digest are for informational purposes only, are solely those of the original content creators, and do not constitute an endorsement by or necessarily represent the views of On Aviation™ or its affiliates.

Thank you for reading this week’s On Aviation™ digest. Do you believe that these recent developments point to strong growth for the aviation industry moving forward? Or this is not much to worry about in the airlines it should recover soon? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Remember to check out our On Aviation™ Podcast and continue the conversation on our Twitter and Instagram.

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